May 2018

Bridging the divide with technology

Tata Trusts is increasingly using the power of technology to magnify the impact and reach of its various interventions. The Trusts’ integrated approach to technology has raised the standard of living and improved the pace of development in rural areas. The adoption of technology in education, agriculture and daily life by students, farmers and village women have empowered them to venture into a brave new world that offers enhanced opportunities. Featured here is a collection of stories that depict the change brought about by technology in rural areas.

  • Technology is leading to excellence in academics

    Students, with their great grasping power, are being encouraged to make use of technology to advance their learning. Tata Trusts’ integration of technology in education is leading to a faster growth in rural India

  • The digital revolution

    Gurtej Singh is one among the many farmers who rely on mKrishi mobile platform to solve their agricultural problems and get a fair price for their produce

  • The digital connect

    Connected Learning Initiative, incorporates thoughtful pedagogical designs and leverages contemporary technology, including online capabilities, to provide quality educational content and experiences at scale in the domain areas of English, science, mathematics and values for high school students

  • Doorway to a new world

    The Internet Saathi programme has provided internet literacy to almost 13 million rural women in 125,000 villages with a network of nearly 33,000 internet saathis across India