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The high cost of healthcare is a massive challenge for financially-disadvantaged patients and their families. This is especially true if the treatment warrants hospitalisation, surgery, or expensive medicines or procedures.

To compound the issue, health insurance companies often do not cover many pre-existing conditions or ailments. Even when it comes to included conditions, several insurers have set ceilings on expenses related to patient bed charges, cost of surgery, doctor’s fees, etc. Thus, health policies frequently do not cover the entire cost of the treatment.

A medical emergency drains lower-income families of their financial, mental, and physical strength, leaving them helpless and despondent. Many of these families push themselves deep into debt by taking expensive loans to fund the treatment.

To address this challenge, the Tata Trusts extend medical grants in Mumbai to needy individuals requiring specific medical treatment. After due scrutiny and a socio-economic assessment of the family, the Trusts disburse grants to the extent of the funds available.

In order to expand the reach of the medical grants, the Trusts are building a growing network of linked government, municipal, private and charitable hospitals across the country. Patients can approach these hospitals to avail themselves of treatment at concessional rates, with the support of medical professionals and social workers.

Upon receiving requests from patients, linked hospitals conduct basic checks and forward the patient details and forms to the Trusts for consideration. The hospitals also inform the Trusts about the utilisation of the disbursed grants. All linkages are valid for a specific time period. After this period, a review is undertaken to decide on further action.

The network currently consists of 27 linked hospitals. Approximately 1,900 individuals benefited from the medical grants in FY-2022.

To apply for individual medical grants, please download and fill the form. In-person submissions of completed forms should be made – either by the patient or an immediate family member – between Monday and Friday during office hours, at the address below.

Completed forms can also be submitted via email at igpmed@tatatrusts.org. Alternatively, they can be sent via post/courier to the below address.

To submit the form in person, or to send it by post/courier, the address is: The Tata Trusts, 3rd floor, Mulla House, 51, MG Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001


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