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India’s food security depends on the production of diverse crops to meet the demands of its growing population. Moreover, agriculture is still the backbone of the Indian economy as 70% of India’s population depends directly or indirectly on agriculture for livelihood. However, farmers in many areas of the country face challenges due to the decreasing fertility of soil, unavailability of good irrigation facilities, low yields, fluctuation in market prices, etc. According to the World Bank, a focus on three key areas will impact the country’s overall development and the improved welfare of its rural poor:

  • Raise agricultural productivity per unit of land through crop diversification
  • Reduce rural poverty through policies that benefit tribal communities, poor and marginalised communities, women and scheduled castes
  • Ensure food security through a productive, diversified agricultural sector

Agriculture has been a focus area of the Tata Trusts since inception. The Trusts work with the local Krishi Vikas Kendras (KVKs) local agriculture universities and subject experts in order to develop specific, focused initiatives that enhance agricultural productivity and rural development.

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