Our associates

Associate Organisations of Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust are established to represent the programmes that are initiated by the Trusts and to enhance their scope and reach. Most of them serve as nodal agencies that work hand-in-glove with various state governments, NGOs and stakeholders to mobilise the activities of Trusts’ programmes. These organisations ensure technical support, monitor the projects, and promote and strengthen the interventions of the Trusts.

  • Vijayavahini Charitable Foundation (VCF)
    VCF is involved either as a direct implementing partner or as a technical advisory partner for programmes across themes including livelihoods, skill development, WaSH, nutrition, healthcare and education.
  • Foundation for Rural Entrepreneurship Development (FREND)
    FREND traces its roots to the Internet Saathi Programme – a joint initiative by Tata Trusts and Google – which extended internet access and digital literacy to women in rural India. FREND is now enabling income earning opportunities for this network of digitally-empowered women changemakers.
  • Assam Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF)
    Government of Assam and the Tata Trusts set up the Assam Cancer Care Foundation to create a first-of-its-kind grid to address the cancer care burden in Assam.
  • North East Initiative Development Agency (NEIDA)
    NEIDA is the Tata Trusts’ nodal agency for the North East Initiative in the states of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. It strives to design and implement innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable to improve quality of life focusing on low income households with an emphasis on human resource development in North-eastern region of India. The focus areas are livelihoods (agriculture, piggery, and eco-tourism), Sports, Skill building, WaSH, and education.
  • Kalike
    Kalike, set up in Bengaluru, is the nodal organisation for the Kalike Samruddhi Upakram programme. Their aim is to enhance the quality of life for underdeveloped communities, through various interventions including education (especially early childhood development), livelihood, skill development and WaSH.
  • Livolink Foundation
    Livolink is located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and implements Trusts interventions to enhance the socio-economic status of the vulnerable and marginal communities to improve the quality of life of the rural poor. It primarily focusses in the field of migration and urban habitat, livelihoods, crafts and healthcare.
  • Reviving the Green Revolution (RGR) Cell
    The Trusts set up RGR in Punjab with an objective to promote diversification in agriculture; thus, making it sustainable and economically profitable, especially for small and marginal farmers. In order to successfully use agriculture as a vehicle of livelihood enhancement the RGR Initiative operates with due attention to the development of new agro-technologies and their adoption by farming communties.
  • Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell (CSPC)
    Coastal Salinity Prevention Cell (CSPC) CSPC, set up in Ahmedabad, functions as the nodal agency for Kharash Vistarotthan Yojana (which means - coastal salinity prevention initiative). It works towards empowering the communities of Coastal Gujarat, through multi interventions – WaSH, Livelihoods and education.
  • Centre for Microfinance & Livelihood (CML)
    CML is towards community empowerment and improving the quality of life through multi-thematic interventions – education, WaSH, livelihood, craft, skill development, sports and healthcare in the north eastern states of Assam, Tripura, Manipur, and regions of Meghalaya.
  • Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI)
    CInI is a nodal agency of the Tata Trusts, anchoring the Central India Initiative. CInI aims to transform the lives of tribal households in the Central India tribal belt, through building knowledge, empowering the communities. It focusses on education, livelihoods, WaSH, sports, energy and education.
  • Himmotthan Society (HMS)
    HMS works among the rural mountain communities by organising and developing sustainable enterprises linked to livelihoods (livestock, agriculture, non-timber forest produce, eco-tourism), education, WaSH and energy.
  • Centre for microFinance (CmF)
    CmF is working to enhance the quality of life of the under privilege communities especially women through a host of interventions in Microfinance, Livelihoods, Education, Health & Nutrition, WaSH and Skill building, in the state of Rajasthan.