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The Tata Trusts have set up several pioneering institutions that are exceptional centres of learning, research and intellectual capital beginning with their flagship institution, the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru in 1911. A crucial component of the nation-building activities of the Trusts, these centres of excellence have served as repositories of data and evidence, incubators of innovation and talent, and laboratories of cutting-edge research, and made India a power to reckon with in various fields, particularly medicine, science and education.

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Suresh Subramani, the global director of TIGS
Rohit Menezes, Partner - Bridgespan
The field of genetics has been turned on its head thanks to gene editing technology. The biggest opportunities with gene editing are in healthcare and in agriculture. — Suresh Subramani, the global director of TIGS
One is that it’s like the smell of mud when it’s about to rain. Wherever there is change in rural India there is the smell of Tata Trusts. It’s not visible, it’s not loved, you can miss it if you can’t put a name to it. But that’s Tata Trust at it’s essence. Very quiet, invisible but present when there is change. — Rohit Menezes, Partner - Bridgespan