The Tata Trusts believe that life provides innumerable opportunities for doing good – for humankind as well as the environment. For many, philanthropy occupies a place of prominence in their list of personal goals because they believe it forms an integral part of the balanced scorecard of their life. Yet, when opportunities arise for doing good, not all have the luxury of time to actively engage in noble causes. At Tata Trusts, we consider ourselves privileged for having the time, expertise and the collective resources needed for designing and implementing pioneering programmes that make a meaningful contribution to society and the world we live in.

A place where personal and professional goals meld

The team at Tata Trusts thrives on addressing real life challenges – be it in the area of water & sanitation, health care, education, livelihoods, sustainability or any other aspect of human, infrastructure or economic development. For the innately altruistic, joining the Tata Trusts launches a career of fulfilment characterised by the substantial congruity between personal and professional goals – the former having a ripple effect on the latter. They reckon the depth of satisfaction from doing work that makes a 'positive difference in the lives of others' to be fathomless.

By owning programmes aimed at improving human health, calibre and productivity, and also building sustainable communities and cities for making the world a better place to live in, their quest for career excellence transforms into a unique, unforgettable, and in a way, self-gratifying journey.

A culture that galvanises growth

At Tata Trusts, we foster an open, flexible, highly engaging, collaborative and meritocratic work culture. We value people and empower them with responsibility, autonomy, and the courage to envision and change the future.

The diverse spread of our work establishes a vantage platform for shared learning and unparalleled exposure, especially when we tap into our global network for sourcing the best in matters of technology, consultancy and partnerships with international agencies and local NGOs. For aspiring professionals, it's the right time to be working with the Trusts – not merely for taking pride in a rich legacy spanning 125 years, but for the opportunity to play a decisive role in accomplishing the Trusts' missions – including that of impacting 100 million lives by 2021.