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When the global health crisis made it way in India in 2020, the Trusts responded immediately, committing Rs5 billion towards Covid relief initiatives. With the pandemic putting stress on the country’s health ecosystem and the shortfall in equipment needed to fight an infectious outbreak, it was imperative that relief measures address these and other critical lacunae.

‘One Against Covid’ is the Trusts’ country-wide initiative to assist administrations and citizens

In an urgent need to deal with an unprecedented health crisis that’s over-burdening the nation’s health-care system, leaving millions at risk of exposure and adding to the vulnerabilities of India’s frontline workers, the Trusts are leveraging technology, funds and manpower to raise awareness, provide training and equipment to healthcare professionals, provide personal protective equipment (PPED) such as face masks and shields, gloves and protective gowns to health workers across the country, offer health care to a suffering populace, screening and providing cancer care facilities closer to home, screening for reducing the plight of the migrant populace by facilitating linkage with the social welfare schemes, providing Rabi crop input to the farmers.

Alongside, the Trusts are working to supplement their ongoing Elder Care programme by addressing the effects of the pandemic on the elderly. Social distancing has only increased their isolation and loneliness, exacerbating conditions like anxiety and fear, etc. This aggravates their overall health and mental well-being. The Trusts are actively engaged in providing continued support to the elderly by moving the engagement to digital and electronic spheres.

One of the biggest issues during a pandemic is the lack of accurate information. The Trusts took the lead and planned a country-wide health campaign to raise awareness of Covid safety measures especially for the rural communities

Work is already underway in the following key focus areas:

  • Procurement
    • Personal protection equipment for medical personnel on the frontlines
    • Testing kits to increase per capita testing
  • Creation of modular facilities for healthcare to improve availability of Covid care facilities
  • Enhancing the capacity of healthcare professionals to respond to the crisis
  • Community outreach programme aimed at building knowledge and increasing the resilience of our communities

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