Caution notice and disclaimer

Our attention has been drawn to some fake and fraudulent social media accounts which have used the same or deceptively similar names to impersonate or claim association with Tata Trusts in an attempt to deceive and fraudulently secure unlawful gain from members of the public. By falsely identifying themselves as or associated with Tata Trusts and their founders, the creators and managers of these fraudulent social media handles and fake identities may seek to target innocent members of the public by using unidentified email accounts, phone numbers, etc. to collect personal data, money and transact business in the name of Tata Trusts.

 Tata Trusts would therefore like to caution the general public about these fraudulent social media accounts and identities and that no information, solicitations or request for donations, etc., other than those displayed on this official website or through the official social media handles of Tata Trusts or by their authorised officers or representatives, should be relied upon. Those who transact business with the managers of unverified social media accounts/individuals will do so at their own risk. Tata Trusts disclaim any liability for the same.

Members of the public are to note that all announcements and information emanating from any of the entities which constitute Tata Trusts will be published on its official social media handles.

The public is therefore advised to visit our official website ( or contact us at for information about Tata Trusts.

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