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Because of the severe negative impact on health and civic systems, the Tata Trusts have established robust interventions to address challenges concerning inadequate sanitation facilities. The area of menstrual hygiene management is considered important as it bears strongly on general and reproductive health. The challenges here deal with misconceptions and socio-cultural restrictions imposed upon women.

The Tata Trusts use Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) for bringing about improved WASH practices. Through these initiatives, the Trusts have been able to change mindsets, initiate the construction of twin-pit toilets and make several districts open defecation-free. Through the Menstrual Hygiene Management programme, the Trusts are dispelling misconceptions surrounding menstruation, fostering a supportive environment for women, and advocating the hygienic usage and disposal of menstrual absorbents. The initiative also provides an opportunity for social entrepreneurship and institutional building.

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