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A robust and responsive justice delivery system is an imperative for a country’s development. When justice is delayed or not served, victims are left with little hope that things will change. Changes within the justice system are complicated, systemic and interlinked and require critical attention and interventions. To ensure a sustained impact in this sector, long-term, committed interventions are necessary.

The Tata Trusts have been spearheading social change in the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems in India by focusing on addressing the needs of the most marginalised sections of society. These interventions have been implemented across 10 states, either directly or in partnership with state governments. The Trusts have also provided grants to civil society organisations to promote research and advocate policy changes.

Areas of operation

Delhi, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

Partner organisations: Common Cause, Daksh, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Centre for Child and Law, Prayas, VARHAD, Resource Cell for Juvenile Justice, Child in Need Institute, Jan Sahas Social Development Society, DISHA, Towards Advocacy and Networking and Development Action, Wings2Fly Foundation

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