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India lies at the heart of the world’s sustainability challenges. With a population of over 1.3 billion in India out of a global aggregate of 7.5 billion, the pressures on the country’s resources are enormous. With the escalation of global issues, it is estimated that India will be among those that are hit the hardest by climate change and induced water scarcity. Be it plastic, greenhouse gases or atmospheric pollution, the challenges are herculean, and the time to act is now. The need of the hour is to innovate, build ecosystems that support mankind and scale-up sustainable solutions for a secure future.

Preservation of terrestrial ecosystems forms the foundation of sustainable development. Nonetheless, human activities have induced an adverse impact especially on the local forests and surrounding biodiversity. The Tata Trusts’ interventions in forest conservation and wetland management have provided institutional support for the conservation of species and restoration of local ecosystems. Under these programmes, support has been extended to a diverse cluster of non-governmental organisations working in areas such as management of natural resources, community development and livelihoods.

The Tata Trusts are committed to playing a catalytic role in the country’s sustainability journey. Some of the areas in which the Trusts have made impactful contributions towards sustainable development include green energy, water conservation, biodiversity, and community development. Be it India’s promise to reduce its carbon intensity by 40 per cent, or its determined switch to renewable energy, the Trusts have been at the forefront of the movement to design and deliver solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.

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