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The Tata Trusts’ education interventions focus as much on building the capacity of teachers and students as on strengthening the education system as a whole. As part of the larger ‘Deepening Learning’ thematic area, the Trusts focus on ensuring that educators have access to ever-improving materials and pedagogies so as to enable them to foster a culture of active learning.

Under this vertical, the Trusts also work towards age-specific learning interventions, the appropriate use of technology in education, and various initiatives to improve the quality of education in the country.

Going forward, these programmes will build an ecosystem which has an improved understanding of values and processes in the field of education. This involves state and district education systems, universities, like-minded Trusts and Foundations, corporations, teachers and master trainers. The Trusts’ educational interventions focusing on deepening learning will create a cadre of educated professionals and teachers who are adept at delivering and disseminating the educational initiatives as conceptualised and implemented by the Trusts.

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