About the theme

Life Through Cricket is a life skill training programme that is based on cricket. Launched in 2017, it is being implemented in government schools in Mumbai in collaboration with Cricket Live Foundation of New Zealand. The programme operates out of Rajda School in Borivali, Mumbai and includes students from marginalised communities from other three neighbouring schools as well.

Tata Trusts partner with schools to provide a credible platform for selection of students and provide safe and suitable infrastructure for the programme. The children are selected to be part of the programme based on their ability as cricketers, and their family background. For example, children with no parents receive top priority, followed by children coming from single parent homes, those from extraordinary living circumstances, and children who show promise in school, but need a helping hand.

Delivering life skills training does not come naturally to sports trainers. Hence coach education forms an important aspect of the programme. Teachers and coaches of the Cricket Live Foundation travel to India from New Zealand to work with local prospective coaches. The objective of the coach education clinics is to develop their technical knowledge and bring a more holistic approach to coaching, focusing on things such as active learning, teaching games for understanding, planning, questioning and mentoring.

The programme focusses on five key life skills, which have clear parallels with sport — self-discipline, respect for friends and family, teamwork, punctuality and time management, and nutrition and healthy living.


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