Eastern UP Education Initiative

The education interventions of the Tata Trusts focus on the systemic improvement of the education system. Operationalised in March 2016, the Eastern UP initiative focuses on improving the lives of around 50,000 children, adolescents and women through quality education and life skills in order to enhance their standard of living.

Key achievements

The interventions in this region have:
  • Reached out to 33,800 children in 314 madrasas and schools
  • Built the capacity of 950 teachers
  • Established 26 ITE centres in 23 locations across 6 blocks, reaching out to 3,500 children, mostly girls
  • Established 48 Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres and 60 Integrated Child Development Centres (ICDCs) covering around 8,000 children in the 3-5-year age group
  • Mainstreamed over 1,000 out-of-school children into formal government schools
  • Reached out to 2,250 women learners through 75 women literacy centres in remote villages in three blocks
  • Implemented adolescent education programmes in 28 villages of Kaisarganj block, catering to around 1,750 adolescents and more than 2,000 women and other community members

The Trusts hope to expand the scope and scale of their interventions by working with 180 government schools, to reach out to over 38,000 madrasas and school-going students through primary and ITE intervention programmes. The goal is also to reach out to over 8,000 children through 103 anganwadi/ECD centres in two blocks of eastern Uttar Pradesh, while also extending the adolescent programme to six blocks, to reach over 6,000 adolescents. The Trusts also plan to form a Teachers’ Collective for effective engagement with educators.

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