01 December, 2017

Literacy Research in Indian Languages (LiRIL)

It is well-known that children, especially those from economically disadvantaged communities, are poorly equipped with reading and writing skills in early primary grades. This leaves a large number of individuals with a permanent handicap through their lives. To understand what could be the reasons behind this, the LiRIL project, jointly supported by Tata Trusts and Azim Premji University, deep dived into teaching learning of reading writing in two Indian languages Kannada and Marathi, and to document the challenges faced by learners in this process. The project was conducted in two socio-economically disadvantaged regions - Yadgir block (Yadgir district, Karnataka) and Wada block, (Palghar district, Maharashtra). It followed 360 students per site as they moved from Grades 1-3 (2013 - 2016) through longitudinal research design. The schools in Karnataka followed the NaliKali (Multi Grade Multi Level- MGML) curricular approach and the schools in Maharashtra used the Bal Bharati textbooks for teaching language and literacy.

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