Tata STRIVE Skill Development Centre (TSSDC)

The Tata STRIVE Skill Development Centres (TSSDCs) are multi-skilling centres. These Centres have state of the art labs with spacious classrooms. Equipped with modern amenities, these centres are the destination of our innovation activities. New courses, processes, capabilities are piloted in these centres….
Vocational skilling is not an aspirational destination for youth today. This model attempts to address this by creating a centre which has the vibe of an aspirational place – “State of the art”.
There are 6 such TSSDCs located in Mumbai, Aligarh, Hyderabad, Mohali, Nasik and Pune. All these Centres are managed by Tata STRIVE.

Features of a TSSDC:

  • Centres would be either leased or in partnership with various government, NGOs and corporates
  • Number of courses range from five to eight at a time
  • Centres are usually set up in the urban and semi-urban geographies
  • While focussing on quality skills, TSSDC becomes role model centres
  • Research labs are set up in TSSDCs which ensures that all the new practices / processes of Tata STRIVE are tested to be followed in other skill development ecosystem
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to make vocational skills aspirational for the youth moving towards global standards
  • Technical training labs are set up in collaboration with Industry partners, so that the focus remains both on the theoretical learning and practical experience
  • Representatives / volunteers from industries are invited for guest lectures to give industry insights and motivational talks
  • Industry visits are also planned during the course of training
  • Focus on financial sustainability    
  • Accreditation of courses by respective sector skills council ensuring national recognition
  • Enhance national footprint and visibility of Tata STRIVE

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