Tata STRIVE Extension Centre- Institute Enrichment Program

Tata STRIVE - Institute Enrichment Program (IEP) is a program where Tata STRIVE provides training to the third year students at the partnered institute in various courses as per the industry need and student’s requirement. Currently Tata STRIVE is providing 4-5 courses at various institutes in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore and Bangalore. Tata STRIVE also imparting YDM as a stand-alone course in collaboration with Odisha Government to 40+ ITIs in Odisha.

Salient Features of IEP:

  • Domain (Service or Technical) skilling experience with certification from Tata STRIVE
  • Increased self- esteem and confidence in learners demonstrated through communication & conduct
  • Enhance proficiency in using digital tools
  • Enhanced awareness and sensitivity for safety, environment leading to more responsible behavior 
  • Impact of Youth Development Model (YDM) on other regular programmes – improved attendance, attentiveness, emotional self-regulation
  • Effective management of work load and collaboration with teams leading to increased learner satisfaction on the job
  • Improved learner performance in interviews leading to enhanced chances of selection in jobs
  • Higher resilience in learner to sustain employment

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