Technology innovation

The Tata Trusts deploy innovative and affordable technologies, including artificial intelligence, for strengthening access to safe drinking water, setting up water purification systems and augmenting water resources. With the help of global expertise and partnerships, the Trusts are engaged in improving water quality by installing water purification systems in areas affected by the presence of iron, arsenic and fluorides. Online chlorination of water is also being implemented.

  • Community-managed iron and arsenic removal project in Nalbari, Assam: The Tata Trusts are piloting a technology-based village and community level water purification system in the arsenic-affected region of Nalbari, Assam. The plant is expected to process and supply around 1,000 litres of safe drinking water per hour, and the project is expected to benefit around 1,500 individuals initially.
  • Fluoride removal system in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh: The Trusts are piloting this technology in partnership with Clinton Health Access Initiative.
  • WaterQuest hydro-resource: The Trusts have adopted a technology that uses artificial intelligence.
  • Water from air: A high tech pilot project being conducted in collaboration with WaterGen of Israel.
  • Water purification technology: A knowledge partnership with University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney.
  • Online chlorination through Pureall system

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