09 March, 2016

Inform. Empower. Transform.

Equipping women to become agents of change

Women are the mainstay of a majority of Trusts-supported interventions across geographies. The Sakh Se Vikas Rajasthan Microfinance Initiative, the Lakhpati farmers and the Internet Sathis in the Central India Initiative, and the Integrated Livestock and Fodder Development Project in Uttarakhand are but a few instances wherein the Trusts have engaged with women groups to bring about sustainable change in communities, whilst empowering women to take informed decisions on their own.

A selection of heartening success stories.

  • Trading in tea

    Saraswati started out on foot, but now travels around in a scooter — Gaon Chalo Abhiyan, a Himmotthan Society supported initiative to create rural entrepreneurs, has thus transformed the lives of local women in Uttarakhand

  • A season for change

    The male-dominated panchayat was not pleased when Maniben took the lead to implement water and sanitation schemes in Langad village. She persevered, and now each household has tap connectivity

  • Milking their way to success

    Premila became an example for village women in Manipur after she took up dairy farming and ensured a debt-free life and regular income for her family

  • A farmer's best friend

    The knowledge that Shiv Devi gained through adopting new farming methods, agricultural training and best cultivation practices were put to good use when she was nominated a Krishi Sakhi, a friend or advisor to farmers