Sukhi Baliraja Initiative

  • Farming made future ready

    September , 2018

    Like many other farmers in Vidarbha, Gajanan and Subhash were also facing a financial crunch. Their economic conditions began improving after the Trusts intervened through the Sukhi Baliraja Initiative (SBI), and introduced them to sustainable agriculture practices

  • Seed for change

    October , 2015

    The Yeotmal Farmers’ Producer Company’s decision to initiate seed production and marketing through farmers' groups has had a fruitful effect

  • Grain festival to be organised by producer companies in Vidarbha

    July , 2013

    In a first of its kind initiative in Vidarbha, producer companies, ie profit making companies owned by farmers have come together to organise a Grain Festival in an endeavour to link the customers directly to the producers of what they eat.

  • Sukhi Baliraja Initiative

    The high cost of agricultural production, low yields and indebtness have exacerbated the woes of farmers in the Vidharbha region in Maharashtra state, resulting in farmer distress.

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