• With a book in their hands

    December , 2018

    The library period in Venkatesh Nagara school ignites the interests of students in reading and engages them in creative activities

  • Bringing migrant children to the classroom

    November , 2018

    Tata Trusts’ Digital Education Guarantee Card programme is ensuring education for children of migrant labourers in rural Maharashtra

  • There’s magic in these bookish spaces!

    November , 2018

    Children in Jharkhand are befriending books, thanks to the Trusts’ initiative of developing libraries across schools

  • When children are creators of knowledge

    November , 2018

    Adolescents start on an enjoyable journey of constructive and higher order learning through the Tata Trusts' Integrated Approach to Technology in Education initiative

  • Ensuring development via technology

    November , 2018

    The use of technology in education has a direct impact on a region’s overall educational development. The Trusts have therefore introduced ITE for children in the underserved villages of Uttar Pradesh and are encouraging them to make the most of technology available for education.

  • Teachers of tomorrow

    September , 2018

    Teachers are being transformed into tech-savvy agents of change through the Tata Trusts’ Integrated Approach to Technology in Education initiative. As part of the initiative, a four-month certificate course provides teachers hands-on practice on contemporary concepts, models and standards connected to the role of information and communication technology in teaching and learning. We bring you a photofeature that captures the highlights of the programme

  • A community of readers

    April , 2018

    Choosing not to wait for readers to come to libraries, the libraries were taken to the communities, to stimulate interest in reading

  • ‘We hope the award will give children’s literature its due recognition’

    November , 2016

    Swaha Sahoo, who heads the Parag initiative of Tata Trusts, talks about the challenges facing education policy and how the Big Little Book Award will serve to put regional children's literature on the map

  • ‘The best thing parents and teachers can do is to read aloud to children’

    November , 2016

    Amrita Patwardhan who heads the education portfolio of Tata Trusts, talks the challenges facing children's education and their exciting new initiative, The Big Little Book Awards, which honours authors, illustrators and publishers of children's literature in regional languages.

  • Teaching the teachers

    September , 2016

    Two of the great challenges facing the Indian education system are a shortage of teachers and the lack of a training system that churns out competent teachers and educators

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