Civil Society Strengthening

  • Changing mindsets with sporting wins

    February , 2019

    With support from the Tata Trusts, a spirited teacher affiliated with India Fellow changes orthodox views towards girl students and helps bring out the sportswomen in them

  • About Sir Ratan Tata Trust

  • Civil Society Strengthening

    Fostering and nurturing to strengthen the civil society ecosystem

  • Criminal And Juvenile Justice

  • Institutional Strengthening Programme

    In working with grassroots development organisations over the past decades to implement programmes across various themes and sectors, the Tata Trusts felt that sustained investment in building the human and operational aspects of the organisations could improve their overall programming as well as ensure sustainability in the long run.

  • Mission Garima

    The city of Mumbai is home to multitudes. This, in turn, results in the city generating vast amounts of waste. Conservancy workers work hard in unsafe and hazardous conditions such as housegallis, sewers and manholes to keep the city clean.

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