Relief & Rehabilitation Programmes

Putting people back on their feet, on the road to recovery

Tata Trusts have always reached out and expeditiously arranged for relief efforts, and helped in rebuilding the areas affected by natural disasters.

In the event of a natural calamity, Tata Trusts have worked closely and collaboratively with the other agencies, including Tata companies, Tata Relief Committee, Tata Strategic Group, and NGOs to lend a helping hand to affected people in resuming their lives. Attending to people’s immediate needs such as safe drinking water, medical relief, food, shelter, sanitation, etc., is the prime focus after a catastrophe, followed by rehabilitation and rebuilding basic infrastructure, in some cases.

Tata Trusts’ volunteers worked closely to support the efforts of the local community, government and non-governmental organisations and other relief providers on the ground after floods and landslides in Uttarakhand, floods in Jammu & Kashmir, the Nepal earthquake and recently in the Chennai floods.

Update On Chennai floods

Key personnel from Tata Trusts are in Chennai to co-ordinate relief activities