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Quality of workers

Enabling the country’s youth to become productive, connected and in charge of their own future requires a different level of thinking, a thinking to prosper and contribute to the economy of the country. While there could be policies and other resources directed towards youth development, one of the crucial change agents to transform youth are the trainers, the last mile stakeholder.

Tata STRIVE believes that trainers are the catalysts and a critical success factor in empowering youth and supporting the journey towards creating sustainable livelihoods. While the urgent need to re-skill / up skill trainers is recognised by Tata STRIVE, the Trusts realise that change often requires the giving up of old, comfortable habits and ways of doing things.

To deploy the STRIVE methodology for developing empowered youth, the need is for facilitators (trainers) who view youth as fully functional, resourceful and capable of handling their own needs instead of viewing them as people who need to be fixed or changed.

Tata STRIVE has come up with different programmes to develop facilitator skills which in turn is a significant contributor towards building a developed youth.

Train the Trainer Programme (TTT)

Tata STRIVE has developed an elaborate and intensive Train the Trainer programme with an objective to train facilitators on various tools and techniques which will enable effective facilitation in the classroom. Three critical enablers which help achieve a perspective change are provided as a part of the TTT programme.

  • Mind set: coach
  • Skill set: facilitation skills
  • Tool set: content/material/worksheets etc

All this is built upon the brand promise of Tata STRIVE – World Class Skills and Values.

Target Audience: Every facilitator delivering Tata STRIVE programmes undergoes the TTT. It is also a certification programme, and trainers are only allowed to conduct sessions when certified as per internal facilitation standards.

The programme duration is for 10-days with extensive focus on pre-training, assignments and projects.

Programme Highlights
  • Ten-day immersive training programme with pre and post training interactions.
  • Content designed in-house by learning experts – includes (but is not limited to) pedagogy, process, facilitation methodology, mindfulness practices and content orientation
  • Continuous opportunities to practice newly acquired skills of facilitation and coaching in a safe environment, constructive feedback, analysis of skill gaps – solutioning, and content enhancement.
  • Robust Certification Process of assessments and teachbacks (guided practice)

Training of Trainers

Tata STRIVE's collaboration with various SSCs to promote the STRIVE way of facilitation is yet another effort to build the capability of trainers in the country. In addition to the principles of teaching as suggested by SSCs the content also includes modules on learning, youth psychology, inquiry based learning approach, adult learning theories and the like keeping the young learner in mind.

This is a 10-day programme comprising both domain and platform training for the trainers. The content is designed to be completely hands-on and activity-based.

Tata STRIVE is currently associated with the Tourism & Hospitality Sector Skill Council (THSC) and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) for delivering Training of Trainers(ToTs) and certifying trainers to run their courses. The trainers are certified as Master trainers with respective SSCs to deliver these programmes.

Key highlights of the programme
  • The programme is learner-centric
  • Delivery methodology is ‘Enquiry Based Learning’
  • Focus on Adult Learning Principals (Andragogy)
  • Learning styles – VAK (Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic) and Multiple Intelligence
  • Focus on practice teaching in varied environments

Target Audience: Trainers willing to get certified on job roles as per respective SSCs

GuruSchool: The Premier Train-The-Trainer School

GuruSchool is an opportunity for aspiring trainers to master the skill of imparting knowledge to youth, enhance their domain knowledge and delivery techniques. GuruSchool aims at developing high-quality trainers across the semi-urban and rural areas of the country, who in turn will provide skill development and vocational training to the unemployed youth. EduBridge is the Knowledge Partner for the Tata STRIVE initiative.

GuruSchool aims to develop quality trainers who are trained not just on specific Qualification Packs but will be qualified to train on adjacent Qualification Packs as well, thus strengthening their deployment across the ecosystem.

GCPT is an eight-week-long intensive training programme with strong foundations built in training through platform skills development and domain training across several domains. The training will focus on three aspects of a trainer – Personality, Professionalism and Proficiency. GCPT is a residential programme focusing on providing participants with an environment to complement their learning. All residential facilities are equipped with basic amenities. In addition, the facility will have refreshments provided 4 times a day, as well as recreation and physical activity facilities.

Key attributes of the programme include:
  • 8-week programme
  • 6 days a week, 8 hours per day
  • Guest lectures
  • On the job training
  • Field visits
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • QP+ (Complete coverage of Qualification Pack + Added knowledge and Skills)
Programme outcomes:
  • Get trained to become a certified trainer on job roles with specific SSCs
  • Learn the basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology
  • Gain a foundation in conducting a needs assessment, developing learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of your training initiatives
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques for managing participants

Placement opportunities after the GCPT

The placement of the participants will be critical to create a strong cog in the wheel of the skilling ecosystem. Placements will be in the following places:
  • Skill development institutes – 75-80%
  • L&D departments of organisations – 10-15%
  • L&D/ Skilling departments in colleges – 10%


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