Health Systems Transformation Platform

Health Systems Transformation Platform (HSTP) is a not-for-profit institution seeded by the Tata Trusts with a mission to build a more resilient public healthcare system and facilitate the journey towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in India. HSTP partners with governments (state and centre) to analyse distinctive challenges encountered by their health systems and strategise precise interventions by conducting evidence-based research. The aim is to facilitate equitable access to high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services, fostering improved health outcomes for India's population of 1.3 billion.

The institution helps bridge the gaps in India’s healthcare system, addressing its expanding population, diverse demographics, evolving pattern of diseases, and the peculiar structure of its urban-rural healthcare systems through:

  • Systems strengthening by enhancing capacities within healthcare systems (national and state) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery.
  • Research for action by prioritising a long-term strategy focused on key components of the healthcare system. HSTP conducts research aimed at understanding the intricacies of these components, identifying challenges, devising actionable plans and strategies to address them effectively, and partners with governments to action the recommendations.
  • Capacity building by developing research and design capacities of individuals and institutions involved in healthcare, helping them to contribute effectively to the system's enhancement.
  • Collaboration for solutions by involving various stakeholders — such as institutions, experts, governments, and healthcare practitioners — to gather diverse perspectives that enrich the process and strategies.
  • Policy discussions and knowledge sharing by creating a platform for stakeholders to discuss, exchange ideas, and share their insights derived from research and experiences.

HSTP’s focus is on the building blocks of health systems with the goal of enhancing healthcare service delivery, building competencies among healthcare workers, disseminating health-related information, improving access to medication and health financing, and enhancing governance mechanisms and regulation within healthcare systems. As a strategic partner to the State Government in Odisha, Meghalaya, and Chhattisgarh, HSTP is developing replicable and scalable models to strengthen their healthcare systems. Interventions are also carried out in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh to build healthcare models suitable for urban India.

HSTP's strategy involves first analysing the state’s healthcare system, identifying areas for improvement, proposing solutions to the state government, assisting in implementing the accepted proposals, and validating them through implementation research. HSTP then transforms the analysis, implementation research, and findings into knowledge products that are made available for use in alternative contexts. Thus, such research can achieve an impact significant enough to make a difference at the national level.

HSTP’s efforts to build a community of health policy and systems researchers are widely recognised in India and around the world. The India HPSR Fellowship is HSTP’s initiative aimed at strengthening health policy and health systems in India through both individual and institutional capacity building.

Through continued research, collaboration, and targeted interventions, HSTP aims to address the demand for quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare for all Indians.

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