India Climate Collaborative

The India Climate Collaborative (ICC) is an innovative, first-of-its-kind collaborative platform aimed at scaling-up philanthropies’ efforts to combat climate change in India. The ICC recognises the opportunity for India to engage on climate change deeply while prioritising vulnerable communities, who are often ignored in the climate discussion. To do this, the ICC will become a focal point for collaboration among philanthropies and the climate-linked ecosystem in India to solve critical gaps in the ecosystem like insufficient and misdirected funding, weak societal awareness, and inadequate research and data.

Supported by the exceptional leaders such as Ratan Tata, Anand Mahindra, Rohini Nilekani, Zarina Screwvala and Hemendra Kothari, the ICC will address the climate challenge through three main areas of work - by supporting and leveraging Indian philanthropy, connecting and deepening India’s climate ecosystem and spreading awareness across society.

ICC’s vision is to counter climate change in India by prioritising vulnerable communities, capitalising on emerging and existing opportunities and establishing Indian leadership on a global platform. At the centre of the India Climate Collaborative’s mission are four key values:

  • Big Tent: Build a large and diverse tent to include all those willing to engage —without favouring one particular approach to climate action.
  • Ecosystem: Create a broader ecosystem to enable philanthropic engagement on climate change in India.
  • India-focussed: Respond to India’s realities, commitments and priorities while seeking global best practices relevant to our context.
  • Conversation: Stimulate widespread, informed conversation around climate change and climate action.

A Lexicon on Climate Justice

This Lexicon on Climate Justice has been created through a collaboration between Justice Adda and the India Climate Collaborative-EdelGive Foundation Alliance.

This climate justice lexicon aims to articulate a basic understanding of key concepts related to climate justice issues, using plain language and infographics. An “A-Z” of terms is our attempt at an introduction to that which makes up the world of climate justice. This lexicon is not meant to be exhaustive, but instead is designed as a tool to convey the idea that climate change affects human lives and choices made by human beings affect the climate; the keywords have been chosen accordingly and defined with this context in mind. This is part of a larger initiative on climate justice by Justice Adda, which aims to create a rights-based understanding of climate change within entrenched socio-economic contexts.

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