The relevance and impact of technology in education is best demonstrated through the integration of e-content and technology into classrooms. In 2017, the ‘Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing’ (DIKSHA) app was launched as an open-source digital platform to support teachers/learners leverage technology for better teaching and learning.

The Tata Trusts supported this initiative by developing exemplary content that serves as a benchmark for content creators and the basis for broader e-content guidelines. DIKSHA has been designed for teachers and students and has seven verticals:

  • Teacher profile and registry: Provides state-level functionality to create profiles. Users have the flexibility to on-board in anonymity
  • Teaching and learning content: Provides interactive and engaging curriculum-linked resources for teachers and students 
  • Content creation platform: Provides tools and platforms to create and upload content
  • Teacher professional development: Provides contextualised digital courses that support teachers in their professional development
  • School leadership development: Provides relevant courses that help principals, vice-principals and heads of schools improve their leadership skills
  • Assessment: Provides resources and tools for teachers, students and school level assessments
  • Innovation and innovative pedagogy: Permits the sharing of best practices and experiences amongst teacher communities through case studies, research papers and innovative pedagogical practices

The teaching and learning content vertical was the first one to be operationalised with states uploading e-content that would be useful to teachers and students. Online content is linked to QR codes embedded in textbooks, thereby expanding the teaching, learning and collaborative content available to users.

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