28 July, 2023

Twice a warrior

With the dedicated support of SVICCAR’s healthcare team, 76-year-old Aarti Kumar bravely fought against endometrial cancer and is now on the road to recovery

Members of the surgical team
Members of the surgical team
Members of the surgical team
Members of the surgical team

Aarti Kumar, 76, (name changed to protect privacy) from Kadapa, had been experiencing persistent vaginal bleeding and white discharge for over a year. The ayurvedic treatment she was receiving at the time unfortunately only provided her with symptomatic relief. Seeking a permanent solution, she decided to visit Sri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care & Advanced Research (SVICCAR) for further investigation.

SVICCAR, a state-of-the-art cancer care hospital in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is an initiative of the Tata Cancer Care Foundation (TCCF) and is supported by the Tata Trusts. The hospital is part of a unique distributed cancer care model under the Trusts’ Cancer Care Programme, which aims to bridge the cancer care gap by providing quality cancer care to the underserved sections of society, closer to their homes.

Staying strong

Medical tests at SVICCAR revealed that Aarti was suffering from grade II endometrial cancer. However, this was not her first encounter with the dreaded disease. Years ago, in 2004, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer for which she had undergone a left modified radical mastectomy.

Yet, receiving this diagnosis again only strengthened Aarti’s resolve to defeat cancer for the second time. In May 2023, Aarti was admitted to SVICCAR for a series of surgical interventions, which included exploratory laparotomy, type I extra fascial hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO), bilateral pelvic node sampling, and omental biopsy.

Throughout Aarti’s treatment at SVICCAR, her dedicated team of doctors and nurses ensured that she and her family were well-informed about her illness, treatment plan, associated risks, and prognosis. With the support of SVICCAR’s healthcare team, Aarti displayed remarkable strength and remained positive throughout the surgeries.

A fresh start

Following the successful completion of her procedures, the team tended to Aarti’s wounds and taught her some exercises to strengthen her limbs. She was also fed a high-protein diet which played a significant role in fast-tracking her post-surgery recovery. When Aarti was finally discharged, her condition was stable and she was looking forward to returning to normal life.

Her story serves as a reminder of the important role of compassionate, patient-centred healthcare in the recovery process.