09 April, 2019

When destiny opens up a different path

For Devanand Patil and Sagar Patil, STRIVE gave them the tools and the confidence to make the best of the opportunities that were offered to them

In early August 2017, two young men entered a Tata STRIVE Centre, hesitant and unsure. Twenty-somethings Devanand Patil and Sagar Patil didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of an experience that would change their lives. The young men, friends and classmates, had a natural affinity for automobiles. The centre’s Interest Inventory placed them into the Auto Sales Consultant course, an exciting, challenging programme that was right up their alley. Needless to say, they excelled. Faculty soon admitted that these young men were two of the brightest, most enthusiastic students they had come across. A facilitator went on record to state, “I have seen their positive attitude throughout training which helped in their continual growth and progress. They have set an example for everyone to dream big, believe in their dreams and achieve them.”

Behind the scenes

But this success did not come easily to either young man. The course was demanding enough, but Sagar’s stage fear was worse. Overcoming their anxiety about conversing with people both known and unknown was another challenge that seemed insurmountable. Though confused about the direction they wanted to turn, Devanand and Sagar decided they needed to make something of themselves. This meant they had to push themselves harder to set goals and plan tasks and more importantly, to execute them.

Chefs at their best, baking delicious pizza at CIBO Italian

Activity-based training helped Sagar get over his stage fright. Self-Discovery modules gave the men the tools with which to fine tune their vision and goals. Soon, exams were around the corner and a career in the automobile industry beckoned from the horizon. Following their natural talents was a safe, if conventional path, and it seemed like this life-altering experience would help them achieve their dreams.

Fate lurks around the corner

Little did Devanand and Sagar know that yet another life-changing experience was just around the corner. An uncle unexpectedly offered to finance a business if the young men were interested.
Devanand and Sagar were intrigued, excited and very, very nervous. Neither of them was certain – entrepreneurship was exciting in theory, but it was also a huge responsibility. The decision was theirs to take, and it would change their lives yet again. But this time, despite their nervousness, Devanand and Sagar did not hesitate. Their time at STRIVE had armed them with domain knowledge; they had gained people skills, and had a clear vision of their skills and goals. This gave them the confidence to take a calculated risk.

Today, these young men are the proud owners of two critically-acclaimed restaurants – CIBO Italian and CIBO Live Ice Cream – rave reviews of both eateries have encouraged them to envision opening a third. Sometimes, when life throws you a googly, you need to know to use the middle of your bat. For Devanand and Sagar, STRIVE taught them to do just that.