08 January, 2021

Tata Trusts sets up ‘Swasth Chittoor’ screening kiosk at Area Hospital, Chandragiri, Tirupati

  • Free health screening and awareness services to be provided to patient caregivers & visitors

Tata Trusts sets up ‘Swasth Chittoor’ screening kiosk at Area Hospital, Chandragiri, TirupatiTirupati, January 8th, 2021: Tata Trusts today announced the setting up of Swasth Chittoor, a Screening and Awareness Kiosk at Area Hospital, Chandragiri, Tirupati. The kiosk has been set-up by Sri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care & Advanced Research (SVICCAR), a unit of the Trusts’ cancer initiative arm – Alamelu Charitable Foundation (ACF).

Services like screening for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) - diabetes, hypertension, and oral, breast and cervical cancers, along with a general health check-up will be provided free of cost to caregivers and visitors of OPD and IPD patients. The beneficiaries will also be offered free health advisory services on lifestyle, nutrition, menstrual health, maternal and child health in an easy to understand manner.

The kiosk was inaugurated by Dr. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, MLA, Chandragiri. Dr. Paul Sebastian, Head PEP, Cancer Care Programme, Tata Trusts, was present at the inauguration ceremony. Also, present at the occasion were senior officials of the area including District Coordinator for Health Services, and members of the team from Tata Trusts, ACF and SVICCAR.

The state of Andhra Pradesh has a high burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), at 40 people per 1000 suffering from some form of it. Even the screening rate for easily identifiable cancers like breast and cervical is low. For e.g. the breast cancer screening coverage is around 5%. The state needs a comprehensive screening and awareness programme.

“I am delighted to inaugurate the ‘Swasth Chittoor’ kiosk at the Area Hospital, Chandragiri. The kiosk will definitely help in increasing awareness levels of people of the region and propagating regular screening. The comprehensive screening and awareness services will consistently make people aware of the various risk factors and steps that can help them in overcoming the same. I am hopeful that the kiosk will help in early detection and better management of NCDs and oral, breast and cervical cancers and improve overall health outcomes,” said Dr. Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, MLA, Chandragiri.

The Area Hospital caters to an average of 250 patients on a daily basis. The kiosk should be able to serve 40 to 50 of the visitors on a daily basis.

“At Tata Trusts Cancer Care Programme, we are working with an aim of transforming cancer care in the country. Our focus is on making quality healthcare services accessible for everyone so that no one leaves treatment mid-way. The ‘Swasth Chittoor’ kiosk is a step towards downsizing NCDs and easily identifiable cancers, by early detection, timely treatment and saving lives. This will not only improve the patient’s quality of life but will also reduce treatment and care related expenses,” shared Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, Chief Executive, Cancer Care Programme, Tata Trusts.

“Tobacco consumption is one of the key risk factors for NCDs, including in many cancers. As per GATS 2 survey, 20% of people in the state (30% men and 10% women) consume tobacco in some form (smoked / smokeless). Tobacco cessation and control is going to be one of the key focus areas to be addressed at the kiosk. We will be sensitizing people on harmful effects of tobacco. Beneficiaries will also be taught about self-detection of oral cancer,” said Dr. Paul Sebastian, Head PEP Cancer Care Programme, Tata Trusts.

The ‘Swasth Kiosks’ are being set-up in the heavy footfall areas of Hospitals, leading to maximum visitors and caregivers of patients benefitting from the services. Several kiosks are already running successfully in the states of Assam, Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

The ‘Swasth Chittoor’ kiosk is the first such kiosk in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The operations of the kiosk will be managed by Sri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care & Advanced Research (SVICCAR). SVICCAR also runs a Mobile Medical Unit equipped with a mammography machine to provide screening and awareness services to people living in Tirupati, Chittoor and adjoining areas while a state-of –the-art comprehensive cancer care hospital is being commissioned in the later part of this year.

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