07 December, 2023

A New Chapter In Cancer Care: Following a successful launch in Ranchi, Tata Trusts Brings ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ to Kolkata

  • ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ aims to build awareness about the importance of breast self-examination and early detection of breast cancer.
  • The initiative was launched through an innovative event at the recently inaugurated Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (RCHRC)
  • Introduced today at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, the event was conducted in partnership with celebrity chef, Ananya Banerjee

Kolkata, December 7, 2023: Furthering its mission to raise awareness about the benefits of early screening for breast cancer, Tata Trusts today introduced in Kolkata, ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’, an innovative initiative through a unique event hosted at the renowned Tata Medical Center. A part of the larger ‘Kaise Ka Cancer’ campaign, ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ aims to build awareness, encourage open conversations, and drive community action towards breast cancer by using the metaphor of ‘lumps in food’ and emphasizing on the importance of breast self-examination amongst women.

Breast cancer disproportionately affects women in India, with over 50 percent1 of breast cancer cases in the country being diagnosed in the late stages. This delay in diagnosis and treatment comes from a lack of awareness and can be fatal, if not detected early. Tata Trusts is dedicated to turning the tide on the issue by engaging with women to educate them on the importance of early detection through the use of a simple and innovative metaphor.

Cooking a meal for their families forms an integral part of most women's daily lives. Drawing inspiration from the meticulous care women put into cooking, especially in order to prevent the formation of lumps in their food, the 'Gaanth Pe Dhyaan' campaign draws a parallel, urging women to apply the same diligence to their health and self-examine their breasts regularly for any signs of a “gaanth” (lump), which could potentially be cancerous.

Following the successful launch of ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ in Ranchi, in October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the event in Kolkata was conducted in partnership with celebrity Chef Ananya Banerjee. An author of two acclaimed cookbooks, the award-winning Chef is known for her vast experience in global cuisines at luxury hotels across the country.

Captivating an audience, predominantly of women from local communities, with an interactive culinary demonstration at the event, Chef Banerjee prepared the local delicacy Rosopuli Pitha but with a twist - stuffed with dates, cashews & raisins - that helped to maintain relatability with the audience while leveling up the traditional dish. Demonstrating a preparation of this sweet dish, she discussed how lumps in food preparation can ruin the taste and texture of a dish and highlighted that they are equally undesirable in the breast. This metaphor forms the central pillar of the ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ initiative, encouraging women to give their bodies the same care and attention through breast self-examination, as they give to the meals that they cook. Energised by the event and the simple message, over 150 women registered for Breast Cancer screening at the Tata Medical Centre. The event in Kolkata is the 2nd leg of the ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’ campaign that saw its launch in Jharkhand and will now extend to other states including Andhra Pradesh and Assam, culminating in a national outreach event.

Speaking at the event, Dr P. Arun, Director, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata said, “With a majority of breast cancer cases being detected only in the later stages, there is an urgent need for women to take charge of their health. While a lack of awareness can be fatal, conducting regular and thorough self-examinations followed by clinical breast examinations can aid in the early detection and subsequent treatment of the disease. We are proud to partner with the ‘Ganth Pe Dhyaan’ initiative, which has successfully raised awareness around the vital role of timely screenings amongst women from local communities. We hope that this initiative will shape a future of improved health outcomes for women across the country.”

Gaanth Pe Dhyaan is a part of the Trusts’ ‘Kaise Ka Cancer’, a national awareness campaign, launched in February 2023, garnering over 20 million views across social and digital media. Through ‘Gaanth Pe Dhyaan’, the Trusts hope to use locally relevant and insight-driven activations to touch the lives of the communities they serve. The outreach for this activation is being amplified through Sanjeevani, United Against Cancer, an initiative of Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation, News 18 Network, and Tata Trusts that aims to raise awareness and encourage conversations around the silent cancer epidemic. The collaborative effort seeks to drive positive sentiments towards early and consistent health tests and symptom recognition, both crucial aspects in the battle against cancer.

1 National Center for Biotechnology Information

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