21 December, 2015

Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Uttar Pradesh Government and Tata Trusts

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Akhilesh Yadav has said that people want a change in their living standard and for that the state government has been making serious and sustained efforts for the welfare of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. 

He added that with support and cooperation from Tata Trusts, these programmes would get a fresh impetus and bring about a shift in the lives of the poor. The chief minister today, addressed the dignitaries at his official residence after the signing of multi-dimensional 'MoU' with Tata Trusts. Under the MoU, the state government and Tata Trusts will work in the field of community development in the education and health sectors.
Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Trusts was present during the ceremony. From the state government side, chief secretary, Mr Alok Ranjan and from Tata Trusts, its executive trustee Mr R Venkataramanan signed the MoU. Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister said that the state was the largest in the country, in terms of population and often it is not judiciously evaluated by its potential, possibilities and achievements. 
The state, he pointed out, was working for an overall development of its people and welfare of the poor, down trodden, weaker and marginalized sections of the society. The priority of the state government, he added, was committed to bring about a radical shifting the lives of people living in both the urban and rural areas. 
Mr Yadav further stated that, any state can fast track its progress and development if it has good roads, power and other infrastructure facilities along with a strong foundation in education and health. The state, he added, while on one hand was constructing the Lucknow Metro Rail, it was also constructing the Agra-Lucknow Expressway and establishing cycle tracks in many cities with an aim to minimize pollution.  
The chief minister also mentioned other schemes and projects like the 108 Samajwadi Health Service and the 102 National Ambulance Service, which were rendering remarkable services to people in need in far flung areas and interior regions.  
Currently, under the Samajwadi Pension Scheme, more than 45 lakh poor women are being benefited and the government is trying its best to ensure that no poor woman in the state is left untouched by the scheme. Welcoming Mr Ratan Tata, the chief minister said that the face of Lucknow and the entire state was fast changing and the policies of the Samajwadi government were set to make it a front ranking state in the country. He also thanked Mr Tata for visiting the outskirts of Unnao to felicitate and encourage the mountaineer Ms Arunima Sinha. He said that this gesture has encouraged thousands of people and has given a strong and positive message to the residents. He also said that in projects that work towards poverty alleviation, job creation, increasing income, education and health, the guidance of Mr Ratan Tata will add more meaning to the efforts of the state government.
Mr Ratan Tata in his address assured all possible help and support to the people of the state and said that at present he was looking at a new Uttar Pradesh and admitted that the state was never weighed on its talent and potential. The eminent industrialist claimed that the state was a great one where a lot of significant work has been initiated. Lauding the chief minister for the work in the state, he expressed hope that under his able leadership the state will take giant strides to achieve multi sector development.  
In the field of nutrition, he said, Tata Trusts would support the efforts so that in the coming years, a healthy and strong man power is built in the state. Mr Alok Ranjan, the chief secretary said that Tata Trusts and the state government would work together to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of the people of the state.
Executive trustee, Mr R Venkataramanan, in his address said that the association of the Trusts with the UP government was very significant and informed that it would work with the state in the fields of education, mother and child health, solar energy along with many other sectors. He also said that the Trusts would distribute double fortified salt in 10 districts. This would be a one of a kind project in the country that will be initiated at Uttar Pradesh.
Also present were dignitaries like, political pensions minister Mr Rajendra Chowdhary, Technical Education MoS Mr Abhishek Mishra, deputy chairman of the State Planning Commission Mr Naveen Chandra Bajpayi, MP Mrs Dimple Yadav, principal secretary to the chief minister; Mrs Anita Singh, principal secretary (Information) Mr Navneet Sehgal, secretary to CM; Mr Partha Sarthy Sen Sharma, director information Mr Ashutosh Niranjan and other officials.
State Government and Tata Trusts will work together in the fields of mother-infant health, implementation of a nutrition programme for better health of mother-child and formulate special efforts in ensuring that anameia (lack of blood) is eliminated in women.    
For cancer, a mechanism would be developed so that the disease can be detected at an early stage and a cancer registry would also be prepared. Both sides will work together to ensure quality education and job-oriented training in various sectors. 
Under the MoU, developing off-grid solar energy based irrigation system, establishing solar water lifting pumps, hi-tech plant nurseries, use of modern technology and methods in horticulture, assimilation of various varieties, agro-forestry, bio-farming and combined efforts to increase agriculture harvest, are some initiatives involved.  
The MoU will also encompass safe storage, agri-marketing, encouraging micro-irrigation, developing high quality seeds, development of value chain for milk, mentha, garlic, onion, maize, pulses, banana and potatoes.  

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