09 July, 2015

Government of Tripura and Tata Trusts sign MoU towards community development in the state

Tripura: The Government of Tripura and Tata Trusts launched their strategic partnership today by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expedite socio-economic development initiatives in the state of Tripura. The joint initiative intends to implement interventions in the thematic areas of dairy development, fisheries, skill development, education, nutrition and health, for improvement in the quality of life of the households in the state of Tripura.

Speaking about the initiative with Tata Trusts, Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister, Tripura said : "I am delighted that we have with us India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organization – TATA Trusts, that work in several areas of community development. Today, we have signed an MoU to expedite socio-economic development initiatives in the state of Tripura."

A comprehensive multi-thematic intervention has been designed for the overall development of a few blocks. The dairy development initiative will focus on promoting dairy as a viable livelihood option and strengthening the livelihood of small and marginal farmers. Tata Trusts has also signed an agreement with the Department of Fisheries, Department of Industries and Commerce, Department of Education and the Department of Health to broaden the scope and implementation of strategy in all these areas.

Government of Tripura will facilitate support in various activities through its schemes in animal husbandry, fisheries, watershed and tribal area development, border area development programme, skill development, education and health as mutually agreed upon. For the comprehensive micronutrient and healthcare programme, the Government of Tripura will facilitate support from various departments like Social Welfare & Social Education, Health, Social Welfare, Food and Civil Supplies.

"We have partnered with the State Govt. of Tripura with a view to convey what philanthropy means today. It is no longer providing charity, it is being a partner with the recipient to raise the quality of life. Our aim is to encourage prosperity, not by being exploitive, not by taking natural resource or assets from here and developing them outside, but by creating livelihoods for the people that we work with. Our vision is to make a difference, elevate dignity and self-respect of the community with which we work. It is with this interest, that we have started these ventures with the Chief Minister," said Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Trusts.

An envisaged Steering Committee will be the guiding force for implementation of this joint programme and would comprise of representatives from the Government of Tripura and Tata Trusts.  

About Tata Trusts
Tata Trusts are amongst India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations that work in several areas of community development. Tata Trusts seek to be catalysts in development through giving grants to institutions in the areas of Natural Resources Management, Rural Livelihoods, Urban Livelihoods & Poverty, Education, Enhancing Civil Society and Governance, Health and Media Arts, Crafts and Culture.

For more information please visit http://tatatrusts.org/

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