02 June, 2022

Project Prayaas

An article about the Tata Trusts’ Project Praayas was published in the Hindi daily newspaper, The Navbharat Times, on June 2, 2022.

The article begins by describing how Uttar Pradesh still ranks high on infant and child mortality, especially in the backward eastern region, where issues related to the public health system, lack of access to basic primary care, and problematic health-related behaviours prevail.

It then elaborates on the positive intervention made on the ground by Project Prayaas, the Tata Trusts’ community-based health promotion initiative. The report describes how Project Prayaas was established to engage with pregnant women and mothers of children up to five years of age on preventative care measures. It also states that the project team has launched simple interventions to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

The piece also highlights the efforts made by Project Prayaas in partnership with ASHA workers to help families and children get the adequate interventions at the right time. It shares the story of a family’s struggle to take care of their new-born and how the Project Prayaas team intervened to help them.

Click here to read the report published in The Navbharat Times

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