21 March, 2022

How big corporates can support mental health

Tasneem Raja, Lead – Mental Health, Tata Trusts talks about mental health in marginalised communities through the story of Abdul and how Tata Trusts is supporting this space.

Dr Tasneem Raja has led the development and implementation of innovative and scaled programmes spanning the continuum of mental health care in the district of Nagpur in Maharashtra. The conversation covers - Tata Trusts-mental health programme in Nagpur, the urgent need to replicate this model, challenges in the mental health programmes in India from urban to rural sectors, learnings and research for influencing decision makers.

Podcast contents:

  • Finding Abdul
  • Tata trusts- mental health programme in Nagpur
  • The urgent need to replicate this model
  • Biggest challenges in the mental health programmes in India from Urban to rural sectors
  • The infrastructural challenges- 200 year old MH institutions and biggest learnings from Regional MH institutes in Nagpur.
  • Where is Abdul now?
  • Research work in Mental health and influencing decision makers.

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