17 June, 2022

Get into the nuances of tuberculosis – with (Col) Dr M P Cariappa

On June 17, 2022, (Col) Dr M P Cariappa, Technical Advisor of Health at Tata Trusts, was interviewed on HT HealthShots, a podcast by the HT Media group. The aim of the conversation was to shed light on tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs, and to clear up some common misconceptions about it.

The 24-minute podcast starts with Dr Cariappa explaining what TB is, and elaborating on the causes and the communicable nature of the disease. He speaks about the initial warning signs and symptoms that indicate that it’s time for an affected person to consult a doctor.

Dr Cariappa then discusses how TB affects the health of menstruating and pregnant women, and how the disease can affect women who are on contraceptives. He goes on to explain the precautions that women, especially pregnant women, must take to lower their risk of getting TB.

Even today, there are many myths about TB. During the podcast, the doctor busts some of them – including the myths that TB is genetic and incurable or that all TB patients are infectious, or that smoking is a direct cause of TB (although it does predispose smokers to the disease).

Finally, Dr Cariappa lists some precautions for TB patients to follow. He also touches upon why continued care and follow-ups are essential for those who recover from TB, since the disease can potentially get re-activated if the patient is not careful.

In addition to HT SmartCast, the podcast is also available on SpotifyGoogleGaanaJio SaavnSimple CastPlayer FM and Listen Notes.

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