23 December, 2019

Tata Trusts to raise awareness and support for five causes at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

The Tata Trusts will participate in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 (TMM2020) to raise awareness and support for its causes. In the upcoming edition of the marathon, scheduled to take place on January 19, 2020, in Mumbai, the Trusts and its associated organisations are supporting five causes. They invite organisations and individuals to make a difference in the lives of those in need by supporting the five causes. United Way Mumbai is the philanthropy partner, Procam is the organiser, and Tata Sons and TCS are the sponsors of TMM2020.

The five causes supported by the Tata Trusts and its associated organisations through TMM2020 are:

  1. Cancer treatment of underprivileged

An incidence of cancer is often a cause for tremendous emotional and financial stress for most families, which is exacerbated by escalating hospitalisation bills and medicine costs. The Tata Trusts provide financial assistance to members from disadvantaged sections of society to meet the cost of medical treatment. In the financial year 2018-19, the Trusts supported the cancer treatment of 1,208 patients, and hopes to extend support to a large number of patients this year as well. The funds raised through this campaign would be used to support the cancer treatment of disadvantaged members of society for costs not covered in health insurance.

To support the cause, click on ‘donate’ at https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo-687.

  • Elderly care

Elder Spring is a programme of the Tata Trusts which focuses on elderly persons above the age of 60 and works towards helping them improve their quality of life. The objective of the programme is to improve the quality of life for 100 million elderly people by decreasing their dependency and maintaining their dignity, through care giving, social and economic opportunities, and an empathetic ecosystem.

To support the cause, click on ‘donate’ at https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo-695.

  • Menstrual hygiene management

Menstruation is a big taboo with several socio-cultural restrictions on interactions, food consumption, religious worship, etc in India, and:
• 52 percent women are unware of menstruation prior to menarche,
• 77 percent women are unaware that the uterus is the source of the bleeding,
• 45 percent women do not consider menstruation as normal,
• And 70 percent mothers consider menstruation ‘dirty’, perpetuating a culture of silence.

Menstrual Hygiene Management is one of the flagship programmes of the Tata Trusts, which aims to break the silence around menstruation so that awareness and correct hygienic practices are propagated. The mission is to promote safe and effective menstrual hygiene management across 900 villages covering 200,000 girls and women, and 45,000 boys and men, in three years.

To support the cause, click on ‘donate’ at https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo-694.

  • Badminton at grassroots

The Tata Trusts support one of the largest badminton grassroots programme in India for juniors (more than 1,000), covering all districts of Mizoram, even the remotest places. Most of the children are from marginalised sections of the society, hence cannot afford appropriate sports gear (racket, shoes, etc) to play quality badminton. The programme is also going to be instrumental in the overall development of the children, along with bringing future laurels for the country.
To support the cause, click on ‘donate’ at https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo-1024.

  • Antaran - Transforming Crafts: Handloom programme

India has a long legacy of traditional crafts, which are dying without support. Handloom weavers, associated with the craft through generations, are facing tough competition from power looms and machine-made cloth, leading to loss of livelihood.

Antaran, an initiative of Tata Trusts, aims to re-energise weavers by driving seminal changes in the development of crafts. It is currently strengthening the handloom sector with special focus on skilling a new generation of weavers in India.

To support the cause, click on ‘donate’ at https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo-1023