13 November, 2019

State of Policing in India Report 2019

State of Policing in India Report (SPIR) 2019 is a first of its kind study in India and South Asia, exploring the trying working conditions of police personnel, and the views of their family members, their poor record of gender and social diversity, meagre infrastructure of crime investigation and day to day policing. The report examines the conditions in which the Indian police function across the country and shines the spotlight on their resources, opinions, experiences and attitudes. It is also a nuanced depiction of links between policing and marginalised communities, as well as people-police contact and police violence. Besides a survey of 11,834 police personnel inside police stations across India (20 States and Union Territory of Delhi), the study includes another sample of 10,535 family members of police personnel who were interviewed inside their homes. Comparisons have also been done state-wise to bring out the variations across India. The report works on the intersections of the official data and direct human contact. The data has been dissected for hidden trends and complemented with human responses. Special care has been taken to involve men and women at the lowest rungs of policing hierarchies and from different social backgrounds. SPIR 2019 aims to create a comprehensive database on policing in India and highlights the need gaps for policymakers and serious researchers. The display of state-wise variances will hopefully encourage healthy competition among states and their political leaderships.

Read the report here