03 March, 2021

Harnessing data science for social development

A data-driven approach to trigger large-scale socioeconomic development

The Transformation of Aspirational Districts (TAD) initiative by Niti Aayog aimed to effectively transform the socio-economic status of 117 districts with low Human Development Index (HDI) across 27 states by leveraging the spirit of competitive benchmarking. Niti Aayog partnered with Tata Trusts in order to assist 85 districts in improving data quality on key performance indicators through household and institutional surveys. The DELTA framework of Tata Trusts formed the foundation of NITI Aayog’s vision of using a technology-enabled dashboard titled ‘Champions of Change’ to monitor the incremental progress of critical developmental indicators against an agreed upon baseline of programmes/schemes being implemented for developing the aspirational districts.

This process document has been developed based on the functional, technical and field experiences of Tata Trusts during the DELTA implementations in different geographies, with requisite contextualization in the TAD initiative, and captures the design and implementation components of the project. The DELTA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Training Manual developed by Tata Trusts can be referred for insights into the thought process and approach of the various components of the framework.

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