12 January, 2022

Catalysing Change for a Malnutrition Free India

How India’s Women & Child Development Ministry and Tata Trusts joined hands to rid India of malnutrition

Over one-third of children in India suffer from chronic malnutrition. And over 50% of India’s children and women of reproductive age are anaemic. These are just a couple of the grave statistics that remind us why malnutrition is a critical obstacle to public health and wellbeing in India.

In 2018, the Trusts signed a memorandum of association with the Ministry of Women & Child Development for the effective implementation of the POSHAN Abhiyaan (the National Nutrition Mission). Under this agreement, ‘Swasth Bharat Preraks’ were sent as district-level managerial and administrative resources to the state machinery. These Preraks, who have backgrounds in engineering, medicine, management, etc., are rigorously trained by the Trusts to work with the local officials to move the nutrition agenda forward.

Over 300 young Swasth Bharat Preraks have been trained by the Trusts across 27 states, 6 Union Territories to deepen the impact of the government’s Poshan Abhiyaan.

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