08 November, 2019

ASHAA — A coffee table book

The book is a collage of experiences of village mobilisers with migrant children —full of life, smiling, bravely fighting their issues and to get educated

The sugar industry is one of the important cooperative movements in Maharashtra. There are around 200 sugar factories in Maharashtra. Every year around 1.2 million workers migrate from economically backward districts with their families to work in the sugar factories. The migration impacts the education of children.

The Tata Trusts have initiated a pilot project to address issues of mainstreaming of migrant children, and the Data Driven Governance portfolio of the Tata Trusts is leading the project — the Digital Education Guarantee Card - ASHAA.

In the first phase of the project, 2,648 children of 6-14 age group were identified and 1,828 children mainstreamed in schools. Team ASHAA has been working on identifying the issues in mainstreaming of migrant children and working on long-term solutions with the Primary Education and Sports Department of Maharashtra.

Please download the PDF version of the book