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Name                   Institute Name                 Project Title

                              Ms. Monica Singh       BITS Pilani                    Targeting riboflavin biosynthetic pathway of
                                                     Hyderabad Campus               Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) for identification of
                                                                                    novel class compounds with anti-mycobacterial activity.
                              Ms. Sangati Pancholi   Department Of Zoology,         Role of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) in
                                                     Maharaja Sayajirao University   Glioblastoma-derived extracellular vesicle signalling
                                                     of Baroda                      in Microglia and Astrocyte dysregulation.

                              Ms. Tamali Roy         Molecular Immunology and       To understand the role of complement activators
                                                     Cell Biology, West Bengal      and regulators in adverse pregnancies.

                              Ms. Snehal Aouti       National Institute of Mental   Drug discovery and development of inhibitors of
                                                     Health and Neurosciences,      the oxidative stress factor, Human Keap. A potential
                                                     Bengaluru, Karnataka           therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases.

                              Ms. Reena Jatyan       BITS Pilani (Pilani campus),   Development and evaluation of Temozolomide-fatty acid
                                                     Rajasthan                      conjugate loaded nano-carriers for the treatment of
                                                                                    Glioblastoma Multiforme.
                              Ms. Shruptha Kumari    Manipal School of              Influence of Microbiome and Mechanism during
                                                     Life Sciences, MAHE, Manipal   Cervical Cancer progression in women.

                              Ms. Manasa V.S.        Madras Diabetes                Diabetes remission in an Indian setting-a randomised
                                                     Research Foundation,           control trial to evaluate the efficacy of dietary fads
                                                     Chennai                        modified for sustainability.

                              Ms. Srivarsha Reddy    BITS Pilani                    Fabrication, characterisation, and preclinical evaluation
                              Bollareddy             Hyderabad Campus               of 3-D printed solid oral dosage forms and implantable
                                                                                    devices for personalised medicine.
                              Ms. Shrishti Pandey    Amity Institute of             Development of a highly sensitive and selective optical
                                                     Biotechnology, Panvel, Mumbai   sensor for a widely used blood anti-coagulant: Heparin

                              Ms. Khushboo Kumari    Department of Anatomy,         Effects of bisphosphonate, Vitamin-D, and Calcium
                                                     Institute of Medical Science,   supplement on Hypocalcemia induced by PPI drug in
                                                     Banaras Hindu University       Swiss albino mice.

                              Mr. Asif Itoo          BITS Pilani                    Multifunctional graphene oxide nanomedicine
                                                     Hyderabad Campus               for breast cancer therapy.

                              Ms. Gagan Satyashree   L V Prasad Eye Institute,      Novel anti-viral peptide nanoparticle embedded
                                                     Hyderabad                      synthetic corneal implants for treatment of recurrent
                                                                                    herpetic stromal keratitis.
                              Ms. Akepogu            L V Prasad Eye Institute,      Mechanisms for sensing intraocular pressure
                              Jacquelyn              Hyderabad                      by corneal endothelial cells.
                              Ms. Durga Neeharika    Department of Genetics,        Molecular mechanism of the Rankl - Rank - OPG signalling
                              Rani                   Osmania University             system and its impact on the pathophysiology of
                                                                                    Otosclerosis in the South Indian population.

                              Ms. Anisha Jain        JSS Academy of Higher          Evaluation of repurposed drug targeting the mutant KRAS
                                                     Education and Research,        gene of non-small cell lung carcinoma using Crispr/Cas-9
                                                     Mysuru, Karnataka              technology via Zebrafish as the model organism.

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