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International Awards (research in leukaemia and diseases of the blood)
                             Scholarships aggregating GBP 185,000 were sanctioned during 2021-22, for 5 research projects as under:

                              Name                    Place where work will be done        Project
                                            of origin

                              Ms. Rita      Lebanon  American University of Beirut,       Tax and interukin-10: druggable targets for a better
                              Hleihel                 Lebanon                             clinical management of adult T-Cell Leukaemia /

                              Ms. Anouchka  United    The Trustees of Columbia University   Identify epigenetic vulnerabilities in
                              Laurent       States    in the City of New York, United States   angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma

                              Ms. Anastasia  Italy    San Ra aele-Telethon Institute      Elucidating the functional role of cell senescence and
                              Conti                   for Gene Therapy (SR-TIGET)         transposable elements reactivation in acute
                                                      within Ospedale San Ra aele SRL.    myeloid leukaemia response to therapy

                              Mr. Narendra   India    Institute for Immunology, Centre for   Isoform-specific functions of the transcription factor
                              Dhele                   Pathophysiology, Infectiology and   MAZR/PATZ1 in B-Cell Lymphomas
                                                      Immunology, Medical University of
                                                      Vienna, Austria.

                              Ms. Cécile    France    Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell    Gene regulatory complexes and networks
                              Lopez                   Institute, University of Cambridge   regulated by the ERG Oncogene
                                                      Je rey Cheah Biomedical Centre,
                                                      United Kingdom

 Teacher Training Programme
 Two online teachers training programmes were also conducted during the year, on the topics of “Bioinformatics” and the
 “Science and Technology of Emerging Metals for Healthcare.”

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