Page 84 - Tata-Trusts-Annual-Report-2021-22
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the team has developed rapid ways of designing and      • To better utilise the oxygen cylinders that were in
                               printing 3-D bone sca olds. Clinical trials conducted at   relative short supply during the second wave, a team
                               AIIMS, New Delhi have been completed and dental and      worked on redesigning oxygen masks facilitating the
                               orthopaedic surgeons have started recommending the       recirculation of exhaled air. TCTD’s calculations
                               use of such bone grafts.                                 showed that more than 95% of the oxygen inhaled
                                                                                        when on pure oxygen cylinders was exhaled out so a
                             • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centre undertook       redesign of  the  oxygen mask was carried out to
                               certain challenge driven projects in response to urgent    facilitate the removal of carbon dioxide, allowing for
                               clinical requests. CoviDialysis is a patient                    the exhalation to be recycled, and thereby
                               coordination service undertaken during                                extending the life of an oxygen cylinder
                               the first two waves of the pandemic on                                    by at least five-fold. The blueprints for
                               behalf of the Municipal Corporation                                        the  solution called reBreather were
                               of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)                                                          subsequently open sourced
                               for the management of all                                                           and disseminated, allowing
                               COVID-19 patients in need                                                           other groups across the
                               of  haemodialysis   care.                                                           country to replicate  and
                               Such    patients    need                                                            fabricate locally.
                               biweekly   or   triweekly
                               dialysis sessions as their                                                         • The non-COVID wards at
                               condition puts them at                                                              major     hospitals   in
                               high risk of contracting                                                            Mumbai    continued   to
                               COVID-19, with low survival                                                     receive patients in their OPDs
                               odds. More than 200 dialysis clinics                                         exposing themselves and other
                               across    Greater   Mumbai     were                                      hospital  sta   to  the  Coronavirus.
                               onboarded on  to a portal                                                          To help decongest these
                               put together quickly by the                                                        wards, a helpline platform
                               Centre. As  dialysis patients across the city became     called World Wide Helpline (WWH) was set up to allow
                               confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, the portal         a team of volunteers to respond to patient queries in an
                               allowed for their rapid redirection to dedicated         asynchronous mode. This platform was deployed at six
                               COVID-19 dialysis clinics. More than 2,000 COVID-19      hospitals and COVID centres, including the King
                               positive patients were redirected during the first nine   Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. The MCGM has
                               months of the pandemic (Mumbai has an estimated          indicated its interest in using the platform for the
                               10,000 dialysis patients) and with timely intervention,   delivery of public health services, post-pandemic.
                               case fatality rates were brought down from 25% at the
                               onset of the pandemic to below 5%. BMC has labelled
                               this e ort ‘Project Victory’ and has involved the Centre
                               in the implementation of further public health initiatives.

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