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                             PROMOTING TALENT,                                         medical  attention  beyond    the  reach   of  even
                                                                                       middle-income families in the country. Though medical
                             ASSUAGING PHYSICAL                                        insurance is becoming increasingly popular in India, it does
                             SUFFERING                                                 not cover the entire cost of treatment, especially for cases,
                                                                                       such as cancer, heart ailments, cochlear implants, kidney
                             While Tata Trusts have been engaged in major              diseases, etc. Charitable trusts and benevolent individuals
                             philanthropic activities, they have not lost sight of the   then seem to be the only recourse available to
                             ‘individual.’ Since their founding, great emphasis has been   individuals/families experiencing a health emergency and
                             laid on assisting with the health and education costs of   being unable to bear the financial burden of treatment.
                             needy and meritorious individuals. The Individual Grants
                             Programme across the Trusts adopts a comprehensive,       The Trusts have utilised their vast network of medical
                             systematic, and most importantly, fair, and humane        professionals and  social workers at various  prominent
                             approach to identifying individuals in need, and deserving   government, municipal, private, and charitable hospitals
                             of, financial assistance. The programme comprises          within the country to provide help. The linkages with these
                             medical and educational grants.                           hospitals help in assessing the socio-economic condition of
                                                                                       the  family, forwarding  the  form  with  the  entire  set  of
                                                                                       documents to the Trusts, and providing information on the
                             MEDICAL GRANTS                                            utilisation  of  the  grant  disbursed  by  the  Trusts  for  the

                                                                                       patient’s treatment. All new linkages established by the Trusts
                             A medical emergency, for most families, causes            are valid for a specific time period, after which a review is
                             tremendous emotional and financial stress. Escalating      undertaken to decide on further action. The Trusts were
                             hospital bills and medicine costs have rendered  decent   actively collaborating with 23 hospitals as of March 2022.

                             Details of Medical Grants sanctioned/disbursed under Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Allied Trusts from April 2021 to March 2022

                                                          Number of        Amount Sanctioned       Number of               Amount
                                                    Applications Sanctioned        (`)*          Disbursals Made        Disbursed (`) #
                              Cancer                          621              242,610,000             535                160,915,449

                              Cochlear Implant                 48                24,917,000             40                21,608,000
                              Heart                           218              46,000,000              226                34,408,528

                              Liver Disease                    43               25,736,000              28                 15,340,849

                              Others                          385              102,794,000              315               75,096,574

                              Total                          1,315            442,057,000             1,144             307,369,400
                             * Sanctions may also relate to applications received during the previous year, in addition to those received during the year in review.
                             # Disbursals include grants sanctioned during the previous year, as well as the year in review. Further, a sum of `1.53 million disbursed by
                             the Allied Trusts of SRTT towards relief of poverty has not been included in the table above.

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