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E.  Professional Enhancement Grants: These were           H. Partnerships: The 2021-22 financial year was the last
                                provided to mid-career professionals interested in        year of the five-year programme started in
                                enhancing their skills through relevant overseas          partnership  with  Clemson  University,  United  States,
                                training programmes, workshops, or observerships.         and Warwick University, United Kingdom, under
                                                                                          which scholarships were awarded towards post
                             F.  Spectrum grants: Support was extended for various        graduate studies in Automotive Engineering and
                                teachers’ training programmes (formal and informal)       Health Sciences, respectively.
                                aimed at equipping them to o er better care to those
                                su ering from learning disabilities.                      As part of a grassroots football development
                                                                                          programme in the north-eastern states of India,
                             G. Studies  Abroad: The J N Tata Endowment scholars,         scholarships were awarded to selected children in the
                                pursuing studies abroad were given gift scholarships      12 to 14 years age group, for training at the Atletico
                                based on their academic performance, as well as travel    Academy in Spain.
                                grants. Other Indian students were also supported as
                                per a broad-based criterion.

                             Details of Education Grants sanctioned/disbursed under Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Allied Trust from April 2021 to March 2022

                                                           Number of       Amount Sanctioned       Number of          Amount Disbursed
                                                           Sanctions          (` in million)       Disbursals #          (` in million)
                              Studies in India,
                              including research             3,034                186.25               3,134               188.77 #

                              Studies abroad,
                              including loan
                                                               272                229.62                270                 227.43
                              scholarships and
                              research scholarships

                              TOTAL                          3,306                415.86              3,404                416.20

                             # Includes disbursements against grants sanctioned during the previous year.

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