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Details of Medical Grants sanctioned/disbursed under Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Allied Trusts from April 2021 to March 2022

                                                          Number of        Amount Sanctioned       Number of               Amount
                                                    Applications Sanctioned        (`)*          Disbursals Made        Disbursed (`) #
                              Cancer                          323              138,246,000            420                  111,692,943

                              Cochlear Implant                  13               6,404,000              10                 5,065,000

                              Heart                            74               20,931,000             112                 18,314,059

                              Liver Disease                     15                8,167,000              9                  4,371,367

                              Others                          169               62,302,444            204                  58,556,631

                              Total                           594             236,050,444             755                198,000,000

                             * Sanctions may also relate to applications received during the previous year, in addition to those received during the year in review.
                             # Disbursals include grants sanctioned during the previous year, as well as the year in review. Further, a sum of `41.96 million disbursed by
                             the Allied Trusts of SDTT has not been included in the table above.

                             EDUCATION GRANTS                                             •  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
                                                                                          •  B.Ed. and D.Ed. – Only for students pursuing studies
                             Financial assistance through education grants was             in Jammu and Kashmir and the North-East.
                             provided under the following categories:                     •  Special Education – Students pursuing B.Ed. and
                             A.  Means Grants (College/School/NGO/Special Schools):        M.Ed. in special education.
                                Support was extended towards the cost of a student’s
                                college  and  school  studies.  This also extended  to      Scholarships were also o ered under earmarked
                                marginalised children, including  orphans,  street, and   endowments; these included the Darab R. D. Tata and
                                tribal children, and commercial sex workers, through a    the C. N. Gosalia scholarships for pursuing studies in
                                network of NGOs. Di erently abled children, especially    the fields of medicine and healthcare.
                                those with learning disabilities were also supported
                                through a network of Special Schools catering to their   C.  Tata Institute of Social Sciences: Scholarships were
                                needs.                                                    awarded to students pursuing their studies at the Tata
                                                                                          Institute of Social Sciences in the fields of: (i) Family
                             B.  Merit-based scholarships: These were o ered in the       and Child Welfare; (ii) Medical and Psychiatric Social
                                following academic streams:                               Work; (iii) Urban and Rural Community Development;
                                •  Medical and healthcare scholarships – Covering some    and (iv) Social Welfare Administration.
                                  medical streams.
                                •  M.Sc. in Speech Therapy – M.Sc. in Speech and       D.  Aviation scholarships: These were awarded to cadets
                                  Hearing, Masters in Audiology, and Speech Language      pursuing their Commercial Pilots’ License (CPL)
                                  Pathology,  M.Sc. in  Audio  Speech  therapy,  M.Sc.  in   training and type rating.
                                  Speech Language Pathology, and M.Sc. in Audiology.
                                •  M.Sc. in Neuroscience.

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