Page 92 - Tata-Trusts-Annual-Report-2021-22
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                                                          Transforming communities

                                                      by investing in individual merit

                      Timely financial assistance or grants that recognise individual   The second scholar is Srinivas B. S., who used the loan scholarship

                      talent and merit, regardless of gender, social or economic status,   funds to pursue a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer
                      can prove to be life-changing for the individuals, their families,   Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin, United States,
                      and extended communities involved.                               having completed a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and
                                                                                       Communication Engineering from the National Institute of

                      In addition to its impactful philanthropic work aimed at uplifting   Technology, Karnataka.  He is presently working as a teaching
                      members of marginalised  and under-resourced communities         assistant at the University of Texas to manage his expenses.
                      across India, Tata Trusts also award Loan scholarships each year
                      to individuals with a proven track record of academic excellence,   Many Indian students aspiring to pursue higher education

                      and through a rigorous selection process.                        overseas compete for the JN Tata Endowment loan scholarship,
                                                                                       every year.
                      In continuation of this significant and more than a century-old
                      practice, the Trusts  have  awarded  J.N. Tata  Endowment Loan

                      Scholarships worth  `9,00,000 each to two individuals for the
                      2021 financial year.

                      Sanjana Srikumar utilised the Endowment loan scholarship to

                      pursue an LL.M degree at Columbia University, New York, United
                      States. Chosen for the degree programme as part of the Centre
                      for Public  Research  and  Leadership  programme run  by the
                      university, she plans to use the scholarship funding to research

                      and work on education equality.

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