Page 88 - Tata-Trusts-Annual-Report-2021-22
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Details of Education Grants sanctioned/disbursed under Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Allied Trusts from April 2021 to March 2022

                              Particulars                  Number of       Amount Sanctioned       Number of          Amount Disbursed
                                                           Sanctions          (` in million)        Disbursals           (` in million)

                              Studies in India,
                              including research               41                   6.83                 41                   6.83

                              Studies abroad,
                              including loan
                                                              139                 123.00               132                  101.79
                              scholarships and
                              research scholarships

                              Total                           180                 129.83               173                 108.62

                             JN Tata Endowment                                         Lady Tata Memorial

                                                                                       Trust (LTMT)
                             Mr. J.N. Tata, founder of the Tata Group, believed strongly
                             that it is important to  support the best and brightest
                                                                                       Established in 1932 by Sir Dorabji Tata, in the memory of his
                             minds in the nation, enabling them to be of the greatest
                                                                                       wife, Lady Meherbai, the Trust spends four-fifths of its
                             service to  the  country.  Established  in  1892,  The  JN  Tata
                                                                                       income on research in leukemic diseases and one-fifth of its
                             Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians has
                                                                                       income on research focussed on the alleviation of human
                             scrupulously  followed  its founder’s  mandate,  awarding
                                                                                       su ering from  diseases in  India  and internationally.  The
                             loan scholarships to candidates of excellent calibre and
                                                                                       Trust also supports institutional scientific research, o ers a
                             credentials through a rigorous selection process, enabling
                                                                                       ‘Young Researcher Award’ to budding scientists, provides
                             them to pursue quality higher education at some of the
                                                                                       fellowships to students pursuing PhDs, and supports
                             best institutions in the world. The Endowment counts,
                                                                                       Teachers’ Training Programmes at a number of colleges.
                             among its recipients, some high-profile individuals, such as
                             former President of India, KR Narayanan Pillai, the
                                                                                       Indian Awards for alleviation of human suffering
                             renowned astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar, and Xerses Desai,
                             who created Titan. Until March 2022, the endowment had    In response to the online applications invited from Indian
                             awarded scholarships to 5,551 students going overseas for   universities and institutions during 2021-22, the Trust
                             higher studies across diverse fields covering more than    received a total of 93 projects. From among these, 37
                             839 subjects and branches of specialisation.              projects were shortlisted and the applicant students
                                                                                       invited for interviews. 15 students from di erent
                             During 2021-22, 132 scholarships were awarded for a total   universities/institutes in India were awarded Junior
                             sum  of  `101.65  million.  Of  these, 49 were  for  women   Research Fellowships for their projects during 2021-22.
                             scholars. The scholars opted for a total of 13 destination   The list of awarded projects is as follows:
                             countries, including the United Kingdom, United States,
                             Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy,
                             New Zealand, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Switzerland.

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