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• Collaborating with Taj Hotels and Resorts to design a   TATA INSTITUTE FOR
                               short-term course in culinary training, for which
                               exploratory design talks and model creation are ongoing.  GENETICS AND
                                                                                       SOCIETY (TIGS)
                             • Facilitating the construction of the Indian Institute
                               of Skills, Mumbai, which is being designed to be
                               built within the National Skill Training Institute (NSTI)   OVERVIEW
                               in  Chunabhatti,  Mumbai. The  architectural  design
                                                                                       The Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS),
                               for the campus and pre-construction activities have
                               been completed.                                         founded in 2017, is a non-profit research institute that
                                                                                       aspires to develop solutions to address challenges in
                             • Working on the architectural plans for the construction   human health and agriculture. A unique initiative of Tata
                               of the Indian Institute of Skills, Ahmedabad, which is   Trusts, TIGS supports the application of cutting-edge
                               coming up in Nasmed, Gandhinagar.                       science and technology to genetics and genomics. It also
                                                                                       works to resolve the significant challenges that impede
                             GOING FORWARD                                             the achievement of health equity and nutrition security for
                                                                                       all of India’s population. The work done at TIGS aims to

                             • Continuing training in Factory Automation and           prevent infectious diseases, improve access to a ordable
                               developing and o ering other relevant courses in        and quality diagnostics and therapeutics for rare genetic
                               Advanced Manufacturing, such as Robotics, and in        disorders, foster health equity, and achieve nutrition
                               culinary skills in Maharashtra and Gujarat.             security through sustainable models for agriculture.

                                                                                       Research programmes undertaken by TIGS cover the
                             • Architectural design preparation for IIS Ahmedabad
                                                                                       following areas:
                               and pre-construction activities to be completed.
                               Onboarding a construction partner for various           i. Infectious Diseases: The Infectious Diseases programme
                                                                                         studies vectors, pathogens, and their relationship to
                               pre-construction activities, including compliance and
                               regulatory approvals, is on the anvil.                           humans and the environment. The programme
                                                                                                      disentangles how vectors, such as
                             • Apart from the main campus, IIS also plans to                             mosquitoes, interact with and adapt
                               have training centres across Maharashtra                                    to their environment, which helps
                               and Gujarat as part of a hub and                                                   devise  strategies for their
                               spoke model to provide trainings                                                   control.  It also  employs
                               in the Advanced Manufacturing,
                                                                                                                  environmental surveillance
                               Electric Vehicles,  Electronics, and                                               to    understand     the
                               Hospitality sectors.
                                                                                                                  prevalence   of  disease-
                                                                                                                  causing  pathogens  in a
                             CHALLENGES                                                                           community. This has been

                             FACED                                                                              of immense relevance in the
                                                                                                           ongoing COV pandemic. Pivoting
                             Due to the pandemic, some project-                                                  to  the  need  created  by
                             related activities have been delayed.                                               multiple waves of infections,

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